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Understanding your solicitors in Coffs Harbour

If you are considering pursuing a law career, a solicitor is a job title that pertains to that degree. Here are some things to know about what a solicitor is and their responsibilities.

So, what does a solicitor do?

A solicitor is an all-round legal practitioner. They meet all the legal requirements of dealing in matters concerning law. Typically, a solicitor prepares legal documentation and can represent and defend the legal interest of clients. That means that they can provide specialized legal advice in multiple areas and act for individuals, small and large businesses, and national and international organizations.

What’s a solicitor’s specific role?

Ideally, the tasks that solicitors do fall under two categories – Contentious and Non-Contentious.

Contentious issues – These are issues that revolve around resolving disputes between two or more parties. The resolution is typically made at the courtrooms or tribunal settings. In some cases, it is through alternative dispute resolutions. Alternative dispute resolution means mediation or arbitration.

Contentious legal works are mainly called ‘litigious work.’

Non-Contentious – There are lots of non-legal works, called non-litigious work. Such works mainly deal with the personal and business needs to do with legal matters.

Common places where solicitors’ advice is needed include:

  • Designing and building projects’ processes
  • Commercial and residential property buying and selling
  • Purchasing as well as selling companies
  • Company mergers

Daily, a solicitor will do the following:

  • Negotiate and draft legal documents and contracts
  • Accompany clients to legal meetings
  • Advise and interview clients
  • Provide commercial and specialized legal advice on the law
  • Translate complex law points to laymen’s terms for clients

What qualities define a great solicitor?

Going to law school and getting appropriate training is key to being a good solicitor. Keep in mind; there are various law specializations, so you must choose one. Beyond the academic qualifications, you’ll need to master how the legal environment works. You must interpret issues both commercial and legal accurately, and all of these things come from a degree along with real-world experience.

Here are essential qualities you should have if you want to be the most sought-after solicitor:

Passion for the job – The world of law is taxing. Choosing to be a solicitor means long hours filled with research, paperwork, phone calls, and meetings. The topics of which most likely won’t always be pleasant.

Apart from dealing with what is traditionally a “lawyer’s job”, you’ll be required to deal with commercial and scientific matters on top of things to do with the law. As well as find appropriate evidence and make sense of complex legal documents for clients. This type of work, plus the common overlook of a solicitor’s job in the legal field, requires more than a slight interest in the position. It requires dedication.

Keep in mind, being a solicitor is a lifelong commitment to learning. Embracing it positively will lead to a happier and more fulfilled life, translating to better performance.

Excellent Communication Skills are key – Solicitors thrive when they work well with people. Being a solicitor means continually communicating with clients, courts, and other parties involved in the cases. Additionally, you’ll have to master different ways to give and receive information.

Simply put, you should be able to communicate both formally and informally through writing, discussions, phone conversations, and in-person conversations. So, sharpening your communication skills should stand out as one of the most vital skills.

Now, clients should be all over you when they look for solicitors in Coffs Harbour if you have the qualities above.

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