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What is Involved in Conveyancing ?

Conveyancing Brisbane, in a nutshell, involves all the steps in transferring a Brisbane real property’s title from a seller to a buyer. Conveyancing Brisbane starts with contract negotiation of the contract of sale, continuing up until the property has been appropriately registered.

What is the Role of a Conveyancer?

 The role of a conveyancing lawyer includes:

§  Create title detail changes

§  Purchase a house

§  Sell a house

§  Take charge of the property settlement process

§  Subdivide land

§  Take charge of property transfer


What is Involved in the Conveyancing Process?


The conveyancing process may take a step at a time or simultaneously happen. The average processing time is six weeks but the settlement date may take from one to three months.

The conveyancing steps include:

 The contract sale

Generally, the contract sale is prepared by the seller to include details, conditions, warranties, and terms of the property’s price and description. The lawyer representing the buyer will carefully look over the contract and any changes needed are negotiated.

The buyer pays the deposit when both parties agree and sign the contract sale. The contract sale, also termed as the “exchange of contracts” will now enter a “cooling off “period of five business days. This allows the buyer time to change his mind and withdraw from the sale. However, the withdrawal of the buyer from the agreement also forfeits his deposit.

Inspections and searches

Certain conditions concerning a wide range of property searches including financing and pest inspections are supposed to be satisfied by most contracts. Typically, it is the responsibility of the seller to order and review building and pest inspection.

The search of the property, on the other hand, is handled by the conveyancer of the buyer. The pest inspection report, pre-purchase property inspection report, and building inspection report are the things included in the searches.


Particular consideration is applied to financing. Financing can be considered the first step when a buyer already possesses a pre-approved home loan before he starts searching for a house. First-time home buyers can ask banks and other financial institutions whether they are eligible for grants for first-home owners.

Preparation for pre-settlement

The settlement day is the day when final figures become available. However, the costs of representation should be discussed by a conveyancer to the buyer before the settlement day.

Anticipated fees a buyer has to shoulder in addition to legal fees include:

§  Tax for Goods and Services

§  Inspections

§  Stamp duty

§  Building insurance

§  Certificate fees charged by school authorities, water, roads, and utility

§  Searches

§  Adjustment for water and council rates

§  Photocopying

§  Mortgage duty

§  Mortgage registration and establishment

§  Mortgage insurance



The day of settlement is a big occasion for lenders, sellers, and buyers. This is the day when the remaining purchase balance price is paid in full and all legal documents are exchanged. It will be good for a buyer to have a conveyancing lawyer at this side during this time.

The conveyancer will be there to review documents and ask or answer questions as they arises.



The post-settlement period is the time when relevant authorities are formally informed about the ownership change. It is also the time to lodge the transfer documents with the Land Titles Office. This responsibility is usually handled by the lending institution of the buyer.

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