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What is Covered by Body Corporate Services Gold Coast?

On the Gold Coast, a legal entity known as a condominium association,  homeowner association, or body corporate is established to see to the management of the assets of a commercial or multi-residential property.

The professional management of the body corporate by body corporate service Gold Coast helps them to effectively manage and fulfil their responsibilities to a property.

The importance of body corporate services Gold Coast include:

Record-keeping and communication responsibilities

Open communication lines are opened between property owners and body corporate services when they are regularly updated on important events and decisions. The accurate recording of property maintenance, meetings, and finances related to the complex residence provides vital information to the various owners of the shared property.

Financial responsibilities

Managing the finances of a residential complex is handled by body corporate services. They provide an important service and assistance with the collection of fees and budgetary preparations. A residential complex achieves financial stability with help from body corporate services.

Comply with Regulations and Laws

Health and safety regulations, strata laws, and building codes have to be complied with by property for it to stay relevant. Common owners of residential complexes opting to hire body corporate services ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and laws.

Serves as a platform for dispute resolution

Disputes covering factors such as parking spaces, pets, and other issues are likely to happen when people share a common property. The presence of body corporate services provide a platform for residents to air their complaints. The unbiased mediation of body corporate services ensures that conflicts are efficiently and fairly resolved.

Assist with the maintenance and upkeep of common areas

Residential complexes share common areas such as parking lots, gyms, parks, elevators, swimming pools, saunas, gardens, pathways, and many more. These common areas need regular maintenance, improvement, and repair to keep them safe and secure for all residents.

Hiring body corporate services ensures that all common areas are optimally maintained. The value of the property is boosted when maintenance, repairs, and improvements are constantly addressed.

Safe and secure living

Installing CCTV cameras in strategic spots and the presence of security personnel ensure the safety of all residents. The lock-as-you-go is the only thing residents have to do when leaving their homes. Family members especially the elderly and small children are provided the protection they deserve with the security measures given by body corporate services.

What are the various kinds of Body Corporate Services?

The various kinds of body corporate services include:


Regularly communicating with the various owners to include updates on events and meetings are some of the communication responsibilities of body corporate services.

Administration services

Administration services include financial management, fee collection, budget preparation, and accurate record-keeping of meetings.

Common area maintenance

Maintenance of common areas is seen as one of the responsibilities of body corporate services. This includes plumbing and electrical services as well.

How to Choose the Right Body Corporate Services Provider

The following factors to consider when choosing a body corporate services provider include:


The smartest way to get value for money is to compare the rates of various body corporate service providers.


A body corporate service provider with a proven track record in the strata industry is always the best choice.

Services offered

The services that the property needs determine the choice of a body corporate service provider.


Positive feedback from former clients is the best way for a body corporate service provider to gain a good reputation.

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Top Advantages of Having an Accountant Rockhampton

The financial decision-making of a business in Rockhampton is revolutionised with help from an accountant Rockhampton. Hiring an accountant Rockhampton for your business makes him responsible for:

  • Doing the financial reporting of your business
  • Oversee the bookkeeping of the business
  • Take care of payroll

Significant savings on business tax is another benefit provided by an accountant Rockhampton. Being educated, trained, and experienced in navigating tax laws allows compliance optimisation and maximising credits and deductions. The strategic advice and financial insights provided by an accountant Rockhampton is an informed decision towards business growth.

The long-term growth and stability of a business are ensured with the strong business foundation contribution of an accountant. Reduction of stress while saving precious time is achieved when an accountant takes over all the financial aspects of a business.

Top Advantages of Having an Accountant

The importance of having an accountant to help all sorts and sizes of businesses cannot be stressed enough. Some of the top advantages an accountant provides for businesses, regardless of industry and size include:

Business strategy and growth guide

One of the most crucial roles played by an accountant is being a guide for business strategy and growth. The insights provided by an accountant to business financing, cash flow patterns, inventory management, pricing, and a lot more are crucial for the growth of a business.

Making informed decisions with the identification of business opportunities helps in developing strategic plans for a business. Potential pitfalls are avoided with the understanding accountants have about the financial health of your business.

Help in making an informed decision about the finances of the business

Making informed decisions about the finances of the business holds the key to its success. The financial analysis and insights provided by an accountant offer a good way to make better financial decisions.

Some of the areas that need an informed financial decision include:

  • Evaluation of the financial viability of a new service, brand or product
  • Significant investment decisions
  • Identifying cost-cutting opportunities

Saves you time and lowers stress levels

Stress and lack of time are the hazards experienced when running a business. Multi-tasking can be extremely stressful when you have to take care of the finances and the running of the business at the same time.

The smartest way to use valuable time in focusing on the needs of your business and nothing else is to hire an accountant. Having an accountant take care of all the financial aspects of the business is an instant stress-buster.

Comply with State and Local Business Laws

Every state in Australia has their specific quirks concerning account keeping or filing tax returns. Staying on the right side of the law is effectively ensured by a business having an accountant. The benefit of expense reporting is maximised with help from an accountant.

A business missing out on a legal requirement or stipulation can compromise the standing of the business in addition to paying expensive penalties and fines. The complicated set-up of business taxes makes the hiring of an accountant a sensible decision.

 Plans of the business

Future business goals and the reality of its financial situation are not often reconciled. Having an accountant provides a way of understanding the reality of reconciling future plans to the current financial situation.

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What should you do in case of water damage in an iPhone?

Did you accidentally spill water over your iPhone? Or you dropped it in the pool while having a blast with friends? Instead of worrying about what to do next, take steps to prevent water damage to your phone.

The following are a few tips from experts at iPhone service repair.

How to repair your iPhone after water damage?

Remove the phone from water as soon as possible. The time the iPhone and water are in contact should be reduced to prevent corrosion. However, you should be careful of your own personal safety first. If you are standing in water or your clothes are wet, remove yourself from potential shock hazards before retrieving a submerged smartphone. If your device is still submerged in water and it is attached to a power source, disconnect the external power source.

Water damage can short circuit the battery and create a chemical or a fire hazard. If you see any heat, smoke, bubbling or bulging, avoid handling the phone directly.

If the phone is still working after you have removed it from water turn it off. If it is off do not attempt to turn it on. You might need to force shut down your iPhone immediately.

Always hold the phone upright and gently tilt it from one side to another to get rid of as much liquid through the bottom as possible.

Use a dry cloth to get rid of liquid outside of the phone. Gently remove the display and battery using the repair guide which is appropriate to your model of iPhone.  Leave the battery if it appears damaged, swollen or shows any sign of melting or discoloration. Use a soft cloth to remove it and place it on a fireproof container to transport it to a battery recycling facility.

Even if the battery looks fine, you should not reuse a lithium ion battery if it has come into contact with the liquid.

Remove the SIM card. Check the liquid contact indicators which are small white stickers that turn permanently red upon contact with liquid. If you see that the LCIs have turned red there has been liquid intrusion. The location of the liquid contact indicators can vary according to your model of the iPhone.

If your phone had been submerged in water for a long time it is likely that the internal components may have corroded. Corrosion looks like a white chalky film covering the surface and can be seen on connectors and pins which carry current.

If the LCIs are white and there is no moisture on the phone, leave it disassembled in a warm place for a day or two. If you see signs of corrosion use a soft brush or a toothbrush to scrub away the residue on the logic board and other components.

Use isopropyl alcohol to wipe off the screen. However, there is not a great deal you can do to repair the liquid damage inside the iPhone. If there is significant damage, you should send your phone to  registered technician for

Use isopropyl alcohol to wipe off the screen. However, there is not a great deal you can do to repair the liquid damage inside the iPhone. If there is significant damage, you should send your phone to  registered technician for water damage repair for iPhone.


What is Involved in Conveyancing ?

Conveyancing Brisbane, in a nutshell, involves all the steps in transferring a Brisbane real property’s title from a seller to a buyer. Conveyancing Brisbane starts with contract negotiation of the contract of sale, continuing up until the property has been appropriately registered.

What is the Role of a Conveyancer?

 The role of a conveyancing lawyer includes:

§  Create title detail changes

§  Purchase a house

§  Sell a house

§  Take charge of the property settlement process

§  Subdivide land

§  Take charge of property transfer


What is Involved in the Conveyancing Process?


The conveyancing process may take a step at a time or simultaneously happen. The average processing time is six weeks but the settlement date may take from one to three months.

The conveyancing steps include:

 The contract sale

Generally, the contract sale is prepared by the seller to include details, conditions, warranties, and terms of the property’s price and description. The lawyer representing the buyer will carefully look over the contract and any changes needed are negotiated.

The buyer pays the deposit when both parties agree and sign the contract sale. The contract sale, also termed as the “exchange of contracts” will now enter a “cooling off “period of five business days. This allows the buyer time to change his mind and withdraw from the sale. However, the withdrawal of the buyer from the agreement also forfeits his deposit.

Inspections and searches

Certain conditions concerning a wide range of property searches including financing and pest inspections are supposed to be satisfied by most contracts. Typically, it is the responsibility of the seller to order and review building and pest inspection.

The search of the property, on the other hand, is handled by the conveyancer of the buyer. The pest inspection report, pre-purchase property inspection report, and building inspection report are the things included in the searches.


Particular consideration is applied to financing. Financing can be considered the first step when a buyer already possesses a pre-approved home loan before he starts searching for a house. First-time home buyers can ask banks and other financial institutions whether they are eligible for grants for first-home owners.

Preparation for pre-settlement

The settlement day is the day when final figures become available. However, the costs of representation should be discussed by a conveyancer to the buyer before the settlement day.

Anticipated fees a buyer has to shoulder in addition to legal fees include:

§  Tax for Goods and Services

§  Inspections

§  Stamp duty

§  Building insurance

§  Certificate fees charged by school authorities, water, roads, and utility

§  Searches

§  Adjustment for water and council rates

§  Photocopying

§  Mortgage duty

§  Mortgage registration and establishment

§  Mortgage insurance



The day of settlement is a big occasion for lenders, sellers, and buyers. This is the day when the remaining purchase balance price is paid in full and all legal documents are exchanged. It will be good for a buyer to have a conveyancing lawyer at this side during this time.

The conveyancer will be there to review documents and ask or answer questions as they arises.



The post-settlement period is the time when relevant authorities are formally informed about the ownership change. It is also the time to lodge the transfer documents with the Land Titles Office. This responsibility is usually handled by the lending institution of the buyer.

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Tips to Settle Your Slip and Fall Claim

People often encounter falls and slips in their normal routines. But, did you know that you can compensate for your fall based on how and where you tripped? Intrigued? Read carefully. There is a certain association with the slip and fall cases termed as premises liability which marks the owner of the property as guilty depending upon the situation that led to the fall. The value of the compensation, however, depends upon certain factors which need to be fulfilled for the victim to gain access to the valued price.

Apart from the necessary precaution to seek legal advice from an experienced compensation lawyers wollongong, here are certain tips to help you settle your slip and fall claim:

Preserving evidence

You may find preserving the clothes you wore while you encountered the slip and fall accident to be mundane. But documenting is an important aspect of winning a legal case. Anything starting from your clothes, shoes, medical records to the subtle details that caused you to fall and injure are all vital in building a good case. All of the evidence and documents need to be preserved to be presented in the court.

Make sure that you document everything whilst you are preserving evidence. Starting from the details of your fall to the exact location where you witnessed the fall require to be properly documented.

Gathering witnesses


It can incredibly advantage your case if you can gather enough witnesses to prove your claim. Courts take witness statements into consideration while determining the result of the case. It is significant that you not only seek all your witnesses but also document their names, contact numbers, statements such that they can be easily accessed when it is the right time.

Keep track of your expenses

Any expenses not documented, are of no value. Keep track of the expenses that you had to suffer from, while dealing with your injuries. All the injuries that you experience during your slip and fall accident, as long as documented, will be useful in the court. This is why keeping all your relevant bills and tracking all the expenses is important for making a concrete case.

Do not be greedy

It may be wondrous to come upon the thought that the unlucky fall that you have been blaming for your serious injury could potentially result for compensation. But the key is to not be greedy. Do not exaggerate about the seriousness of your wounds or your fall for any fraud, if tracked, could build up against you. Your value shall be given to you with full compensation if the factors are fulfilled according to the case. But getting greedy will not get you anything. It is how the saying goes; something is better than nothing.

Model Day: Criminal Permanence Before the 17th Correctional Chamber

When one is a lawyer at the Seine-Saint-Denis Bar, sometimes one is designated to be a criminal duty.

What does this mean concretely?

9 am: the day begins – the whole team (the coordinating lawyer and several other confreres) is present.

The coordinator is appointed for a certain period in order to manage and organize the permanences (he distributes the day’s files to the other lawyers of the team and manages any difficulties).

Thus, such Lawyer will deal with cases relating to minors, such other cases before the Examining Magistrate and, if necessary, the Judge of Freedoms and Detention etc.

In the same way, some confreres will be in charge of dealing with the immediate appearance files (that is to say those concerning the persons who appear before the Judge immediately after their custody ).

In Bobigny, it is the 17th Chamber which judges these files.

The duty counsel – I should say the lawyers, because given the volume of cases handled every day by the 17th Chamber, the coordinator will generally appoint at least 2 colleagues – will be entrusted from the morning (once the coordinator will have recovered) a certain number of files, whose quantity can vary from 4-5 to ten sometimes.

Between 10 and 11 am: it is up to the lawyer to read conscientiously each file (more or less thick depending on the offense or offenses selected, the number of defendants etc.), to take notes, to look for any nullities procedure (and if they exist to draw conclusions to that effect).

Between 12 and 13 hours: once the Lawyer has read all the files entrusted to him (and as you can see, he has very little time to do so), he will have to go to “filing” of the Tribunal – the location of the defendants who are awaiting trial in the 17th Chamber.

He will be able to see the defendants one after the other to discuss each file, inform them of the existence of possible nullities of procedure which he intends to raise before the Tribunal and organize their defense (very often, the family of the the accused is present at the hearing, which will allow the duty counsel to obtain a number of documents that may be useful to his defense).

How do I know if I need a lawyer and if Some figures on the legal profession

Here is an old case law of the Correctional Court of Boué of 1964, which is self-explanatory.

It has been circulating on the Internet several times in recent years. Apart from its anecdotal character, it allows to put into perspective what has been said about Chadian justice, about the affair of the Ark of Zoe and especially by eminent colleagues (Gilbert, if you read me! ).

April 22, 1964.

The Tribunal,
…….. …

Whereas Biyeke Etienne was summoned to appear before the Tribunal correctionnel de ces, for the prevention of having, in Bisso-Binlam, district of Boué, on September 13, 1963, in any case for less than 3 years, by imprudence, clumsiness, negligence, inattention or non-observance of the regulations, involuntarily caused homicide on the person of Mr. Joseph Akoué;

Whereas it follows from the debates and the file on Biyeke Etienne, on September 13, 1963, went to the hunt in the afternoon; At four o’clock he heard the cries of the monkeys, and posted himself between the great forest and the old plantations from which these cries came, hoping that the monkeys would go from old plantations to the forest. that, realizing that they were moving away from him, Biyeke decided to follow them when, under the foliage, he saw a chimpanzee come to him, as he approached more and more of him shouting, Biyeke saw himself obliged to charge him at the head of a shot; that the chimpanzee fell and made a man cry; that he straightened up as a man and was able to do more than 1,000 meters in the forest while running, when Eloumé Elizabeth, who met him, took him by the hand, that the victim sank and died without saying anything; When called for help, the villagers came and recognized and transported Akoué Joseph’s body to the village;

Whereas at the hearing, the accused maintained that he saw perfectly clearly when he had fired the shot and that he had correctly identified his victim with a chimpanzee, that he did not hunt for the first time, having already captured four since he hunted;

Whereas manslaughter is punishable only if it is a man who has been killed by clumsiness, recklessness or negligence; that in this case Biyeke targeted in broad daylight and fired on a chimpanzee and not on a man; that if the chimpanzee became a man after the shot, Biyeke can no longer be detained in the prevention of manslaughter;

Whereas it is common knowledge in Gabon that men change either in panther, gorilla, elephant, etc., to accomplish exploits, eliminate enemies or attract heavy responsibilities, defend their plantations and ravaging those of neighbors and friends; that it is facts which are unknown to Western law and which the Gabonese judge must take into account, that it is indeed inconceivable to the European spirit that a man can travel more than 400 km in 27 hours on foot, whereas a Bakoto of Makokou and Boue fulfilled it;

Whereas he is not as common as an individual who has been loaded with lead in his head, and after having fallen, gets up and still manages to run more than 1,000 meters in the forest;

Whereas it must still be known that the transformations of men into ferocious animals are still in order not to frighten the game, to seize it, more easily;

Whereas Akoué Joseph, who went hunting without weapons, did not need it since he could take game other than with a weapon;

Whereas if it is necessary to punish the manslaughter of hunting, it is nevertheless necessary to consider the cases and to take action against these magic and witch practices that populate Gabon, especially as regards operations in forest, and which delay enormously the evolution of our people;

Security Retention Bill: Minority Report before the time

In 2002, Steven Spielberg’s film, Minority Report  (see here ) , was released on our movie screens. It was taken from the new eponym of Philip K. Dick , a famous science-fiction writer, whose main theme is the manipulation of reality.

As the Wikipedia page on the film (and the book) points out, the main theme of the work is “security ideology through the classic philosophical question of free will versus determinism”.

This is the whole purpose of the Security Detention Bill, which provides for the confinement of persons presumed to be dangerous, even though they have not (yet) committed any wrongdoing.

This bill is a serious challenge to all the principles of criminal responsibility.

Several organizations (unions, associations) have called for signature against this project (see their website here ).

The Constitutional Council has just partially censored it, particularly on its “retroactivity” aspect. It should be remembered that the project is attempting to bring into force retroactively custodial measures.

However, the Penal Code states, in its article 112-1, that “only the facts constituting an offense on the date on which they have been committed shall be punishable.” Only the sentences which are legally applicable on the same date may be pronounced. the new provisions apply to offenses committed before their entry into force and which have not given rise to a sentence which has become res judicata when they are less severe than the old provisions. ”

Without making an exhaustive list of the most interesting interventions available on the Internet, you can usefully read on the question what my colleague Eolas says on his blog here  and there or the former Minister of Justice, Robert Badinter, on the site of newspaper, The World .

Most disturbing is the clear desire to circumvent the decision of the Constitutional Council by resorting to the opinion of the President of the Court of Cassation on the question of the immediate applicability of the future text to “presumed dangerous”.