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Tips to Settle Your Slip and Fall Claim

People often encounter falls and slips in their normal routines. But, did you know that you can compensate for your fall based on how and where you tripped? Intrigued? Read carefully. There is a certain association with the slip and fall cases termed as premises liability which marks the owner of the property as guilty depending upon the situation that led to the fall. The value of the compensation, however, depends upon certain factors which need to be fulfilled for the victim to gain access to the valued price.

Apart from the necessary precaution to seek legal advice from an experienced compensation lawyers wollongong, here are certain tips to help you settle your slip and fall claim:

Preserving evidence

You may find preserving the clothes you wore while you encountered the slip and fall accident to be mundane. But documenting is an important aspect of winning a legal case. Anything starting from your clothes, shoes, medical records to the subtle details that caused you to fall and injure are all vital in building a good case. All of the evidence and documents need to be preserved to be presented in the court.

Make sure that you document everything whilst you are preserving evidence. Starting from the details of your fall to the exact location where you witnessed the fall require to be properly documented.

Gathering witnesses


It can incredibly advantage your case if you can gather enough witnesses to prove your claim. Courts take witness statements into consideration while determining the result of the case. It is significant that you not only seek all your witnesses but also document their names, contact numbers, statements such that they can be easily accessed when it is the right time.

Keep track of your expenses

Any expenses not documented, are of no value. Keep track of the expenses that you had to suffer from, while dealing with your injuries. All the injuries that you experience during your slip and fall accident, as long as documented, will be useful in the court. This is why keeping all your relevant bills and tracking all the expenses is important for making a concrete case.

Do not be greedy

It may be wondrous to come upon the thought that the unlucky fall that you have been blaming for your serious injury could potentially result for compensation. But the key is to not be greedy. Do not exaggerate about the seriousness of your wounds or your fall for any fraud, if tracked, could build up against you. Your value shall be given to you with full compensation if the factors are fulfilled according to the case. But getting greedy will not get you anything. It is how the saying goes; something is better than nothing.

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