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Family Lawyers Sydney

Which lawyer is best for you


Finding the right lawyer can be pretty challenging. After all nobody looks for a family lawyer during happier times. It’s mostly done out of a stressful situations like a divorce or child custody. You need someone who could guide you correctly through all the legal proceedings and make the process as stress free as possible.

The following are a few basic tips to help you choose the right family lawyer.

Do research both online and offline

If you type in divorce lawyers you would come up with thousands of web pages. Who do you contact? Who would help you get out of a particularly messy situation? Talk to people within our circle. Someone who has undergone a divorce. Maybe you could get referrals from friends or people within your family. Online research involves checking out websites of lawyers you have been referred to. Taking a look at the testimonials about them on the internet. Their web page would provide you ample information regarding their line of work. There are family lawyers who deal in specific issues. While some are solely dedicated to helping mums, there could be lawyers who help fathers going through divorce as well.

Find the right lawyer

The key is to finding the right lawyer. After all it is you who is going to hire the lawyer. Your research must have helped you short list a family lawyer in Sydney or two. Try to get an initial appointment or if it’s not possible a short interview on the phone. The relationship between a lawyers has to be personal and professional as well. When there are things like family law involved the lawyer needs to know quite a few things. Holding back information could only land you in further trouble. Therefore choose a lawyer with whom you are comfortable sharing information. This is why initial meetings are so important. These help you decide whether you are on the same wavelength as the lawyer or not.

Ask for the following information

Once you have planned an initial consultation with the family lawyer, make sure to ask them the following questions. These include

  • How many years have they been practicing family law? A person solely dedicated to family law would be the right lawyer to help you get through divorce proceedings or child custody.
  • How many divorce cases have they handled in the past six months or so.
  • What I their approach. Is it amiable or more cut throat? However, choosing the lawyer with any particular approach usually depends on how intricate your case it. If it’s simple enough, an amiable meeting in the lawyers office would help resolve the issue immediately.
  • Ask them how they plan to charge you. While some lawyers work at an hourly rate, some believe in asking for a certain amount at the beginning of the case and the rest after all legal proceedings are completed.

Asking the above mentioned questions would help you find the right family lawyer in Sydney.

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